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Short Stories. Telling it straight? Or lies and half-truths...

Most writers of fiction with whom I've spoken have mixed it all up, they say. And all of us, I think, create little white lies along the way, most particularly about our pasts. Once they become big enough, we incorporate them into our histories, and end up believing them ourselves, our autobiographies becoming a carousel of facts and lies caught in a whirlwind. To write Fiction, I think, you have to have lived a little bit of fiction yourself.

Tarbert Fireball is actually the chapter of a novel in the works. Religion and pinball, to my way of thinking, have never been that far apart anyway. I'm fascinated by the relationships between people, more so perhaps by what breaks them up than the factors that bring them together. So I give you Claire.  People the world over believe in ghosts, but I'm a skeptic. Perhaps a little less so, though, after witnessing the devastation to the Argentine population of the sobering and ever-present La Pechona. I hope you'll enjoy these stories and a view into my world... let me know what you think.

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