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A 40th reunion of KTAO people was held in June, 2013. If you were an on-air person and missed it, contact us and we'll add you to the guest list for the 50th!

Front row: Judy Blind, Karyn Alycea, Cese McGowan, Vega Roecker, Biff Witt. Second row: Vern Brechin, Claudia Buonsignore. Last row: Rick Griffoul, Dan McCoy, Dave Sherman, Al Knoth, Bill Wade, John Hayden, Vickie Katsubayashi, Gaye Lynn Bennett, Dee Vogel, Denny Teresi, Dieter Rathjens, Geoff Alexander, Don Campau, Robin Campau, John Carr (attended, but not pictured: Rocky Bartram, Chris Campbell, Jeb Henley, Phil Verinsky)


Don Campau, Gaye Lynn Bennett, Dave Sherman

John Hayden, then and now

Judy Blind, Cese McGowan

Cese McGowan, Bill Wade, Geoff Alexander

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